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"Thank you so much JOVEC.  You took a serious situation, made us understand what we were up against, and helped us through a nightmare.  A company that cares now days is rare.  I can personally attest to the fact JOVEC Consulting genuinely cares.  Thank you again!" - Lauren L., Newport Beach, CA

"I am very pleased with the work JOVEC Consulting did in my home.  Now we know that the air we breathe is considerably cleaner and their recommendations continue to keep our home a cleaner place to live." - Carol S., San Clemente, CA

"JOVEC Consulting is truly a consulting firm.  They provided a pre-test to determine the magnitude of our situation, recommended a remediation company, provided a scope of work based on their findings, completed a post clearance test and even recommended a company to rebuild my home.  EXCELLENT Company" - Aaron T., Mission Viejo, CA

"I appreciate your excellent service.  Thank you." - Jennifer P., Los Angeles, CA

"JOVEC gave me piece of mind knowing that a remediation project was completed properly and mold was no longer a problem.  Thank you for a job well done!" - Bryan B., Laguna Beach, CA

"JOVEC was very nice, professional, and they did an excellent job much more quickly than I thought was possible!" - Elayne H., Carmel, CA

"From my first contact with JOVEC, I had a good experience.  JOVEC helped me clear away my mold problem in my house and I couldn’t be more pleased!" - Amy S., Long Beach, CA

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